Feb 23 2021

There just is not much in the way of RuneScape

There just is not much in the way of RuneScape gold genuinely useful familiars under the Yip/tort point which makes most pouches market at around half of their creation price or lower. In otherwords the very best method to minimize loss is probably not to waste time gathering the materials for those that make profit and make the ones that are fast, using the time saved to then remake the reduction.

I understand this isn't the type of answer you're looking for and if a person knows some intricate method I'm unaware of I invite them to post it. But from my own experience with these levels it wound up being far more effective to simply bite the multi-million cost instead of trying to scrape every bit of gp I could out of the affair.

That I would have to say Eagle kite because CLS sucks that much. Besides PvP it has pretty much no use, being outclassed by other things (generally rapier) in every circumstance. Bandos is arguable - maul is much better damage/time but CLS lets you tank using a shield. In case Jad is the one thing you will ever use Eagle kite for, it's not worthwhile. There are plenty of rewards better than CLS. I wouldn't be using it only for Jad, certainly for different things. I have a rapier, by the way. That's why I was hoping to choose the cls. If its not that much better than a rapier in regards to bossing I will get it after the protector.

Hey guys - I know there is a load of those type of threads, I was able to answer myself some time ago, but I honestly don't have a clue what's going on, what changes have happened, what is good/bad/nooby etc.. Only read through the rest of what I have written, it makes no sense. .

I simply bought membership a few days back, persuaded by a friend along with the Mad May matter, and when I actually got on to a members globe I realised I did not have a clue what to do. Since then I have completed the mandatory farming runs, slayer missions and clue scrolls - but now I'm really running out of things to do in another three and cheap RS gold a half weeks of the membership period.