Mar 16 2021

It's just as ridiculous the opposite manner.

You are not even safe if you are"one of them" lmao. I left a post congradulating Elliott Page on Animal Crossing Items coming , and all the comments I got were people yelling at me for"deadnaming him" since I said"previously known as Ellen Page." Like what, it is illegal to catch people who are outside of the loop?

As a dude who has struggled with obesity my whole life, it is not quite as simple as visiting the gym and/or eating fewer calories. There's generally some kind of eating disorder underlying it that a good deal of people dismiss as"an unhealthy relationship with food."

The body positivity folks are unable to come to terms with the reality that their activities are harmful to them. They would like to be viewed as okay just the way that they are, like an alcoholic that does not recognize how bad its gotten and blames everyone about them for the problems their dependence creates.

Fat shaming is bad. It's not constructive and likely drives most obese people who suffer it deeper in their bad habits. But Jesuswe can be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that the way we're living is not great for us, even if it's quite hard to stop living that way.Oh my god I had forgotten how ludicrously cringe that whole thing was. As if the message itself was not bad enough, her speaking and mannerisms are so incredibly conceited and patronizing it hurts. Also the number of times should it be pointed out that dreads/braids Aren't particular to"black culture" (like it would have mattered anyway)

I needed to come to the remarks to find out wtf they were speaking to as shameful face because the character doesn't look black to me. The drawing is actually pretty ambiguous

She is literally 16 years old and has gone through horrible reduction with both her mother and her sister expiring lately (seperate episodes ), and she has to deal with randoms attacking her bc of a tan. She has had a tough fucking go of it, idk how people bring themselves to maintain putting her down on something so trivial.

It's just as ridiculous the opposite manner. I am a 1st gen US citizen, Hispanic, fluent in Spanish, and visit my family at Panamá every additional year for weeks at a time.

However, since I received my daddy's white genes (I absolutely can't tan. I just freckle), apparently that means I am no longer Hispanic and'm not permitted to talk about Latino issues.

Meanwhile; you can be a 7th gen immigrant from Latin America, not speak a lick of Spanish, and understand nothing about your family's country of origin- but since you are tan, you're more Hispanic than me.Identity politics based on your colour of skin color is the buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items most foolish thing I've ever experienced.