Oct 16 2020

Solution for website monitoring routine for hard-working webmas

Maintaining a website is a hard job, and every webmaster will tell that. Providing proper maintenance is a really tough thing to do, primarily because you’ll be always in need of a variety of tools at hand, and you will be facing literally every aspect of the website working sequence to ensure its stability and accessibility. Accessibility and availability checks using various internet protocols, SSL and domain verification, speed tests, even monitoring server performance and a lot more - you’ll be buried under this routine. But you have another option to deal with that instead of working from dawn till dusk.


I’m speaking about using an automated service as a replacement for routine software and hand-written scripts. I prefer using a HostTracker website monitoring service - a fully automated website monitoring platform that’s packed with every check or test you might be in need of. And on top of that is a large network for accessibility checks - more than 140 access points all around the world. The latter will be very useful if you’re overwatching an international website and must test accessibility of your website from various countries.

First and the main reason for using this platform is simple yet important to a lot of people - subscription prices. You can try it out for free instead of pig in a poke. You’ll have 30 days of free usage after a registration so you’ll be able to try everything out without any limitations in automated website monitoring before paying for a subscription. It’ll allow you to get into every nuance of using this service, set everything up and test all capabilities. And subscription prices are literally low even if you want to subscribe to a full Service Package which includes all services and additions.


Another important reason for using a HostTracker monitoring service is its automation and instant notification system. All checks will be working literally automated and you’ll get alerts if there was something wrong during checks. It’ll send you a message via one of the available messaging services - from Skype and Slack to Telegram and Viber. And, of course, it can send you an SMS or simply call you if you’re not responding to alerts, yet this functionality is purchasable as an addition. Of course, it has an adjustable schedule and variable alert conditions, so you’ll be able to configure the notification system the way you want it to work.