Nov 21 2020

Franck Muller Ups the Ante with Double Mystery collection

With young watch brands making a significant statement on the market and changing the face of the watch industry new modern looks have transformed the classic watch. Franck Muller, founder of the 1992 brand, has made his mark through an unconventional yet chic and simple take on the classic wrist watch.

With his introduction of the Double Mystery collection in 2006, Muller stunned yet again with a watch that dazzled and took a spin on time that had yet to be unleashed. Covered in diamonds and glowing with gems, the Double Mystery collection takes a step beyond luxurious and enters into a new world of decadence. No numerals or hands clutter this timepiece but rather single colored disc representing the hand. The single disc covered dial, also splashed with diamonds, takes 24 revolutions daily.

Muller did not stop there; instead he added a minute hand made possible by two rotating discs on the dial at varying speeds. This shows Muller is nothing short of a mechanical genius, having the foresight to patent a mechanism that would make his vision possible. In addition to his mechanical talent, Muller does not let his design falter either. With a specific design and placement of the diamonds surrounding the dial, each diamond acts as a light to shine specifically on the time.

With a keen eye for detail Franck Muller continued to make this series unforgettable with the additional feature of the Cintree Curvex cases. Like many of Muller's creations a story is attached and the making of the Cintree Curvex case is no different. Muller wanted his case to be unique and one of a kind. He conducted extensive research to come up with an innovative and exceptional idea. Discovering a single spherical point where all the three axes of the watches curves meet gave birth to the perfectly balanced and renowned Cintree Curvex three- dimensional watch-cases, providing four different curvatures at 3, 9, 6 and 12 o'clock. This case, a favorite of Franck Muller, is the most popular case used in his collections.

With simple elegance and understated extravagance, the Double Mystery collection gives consumers a truly unique and unparalleled product. With technological modernism and unconventional design, Franck Muller stands in a class of his own. Endorsed by top celebrities and praised by watch connoisseurs, Muller has created a reliable product that combines beauty with technological brawn. The only question that is left is; what will Franck Muller think of next?

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