Apr 08 2021

How To Make Virgin Hair Bundles Better

As the name suggests, the virgin hair bundles refer to the state in which the hair looks like bunching. The hair bundles can make full use of the bundle sense. How to change the image by creating and arranging the hair bundles? I did a thorough study. Recently, "hairpiece" as fashionable hair has attracted people's attention. It is a kind of hair bundle that can send out gorgeous breath without feeling! Integrate into the trend and make a difference.

Short Hair Gives A cool Aesthetic Feeling

If you can't set the bundle because it's not short, you don't have to give up. If a short person uses a bunch of hair, it will give people a cool beauty. Wrap the top with an iron to form a bunch of hair and hair. If you let the tip play, you can make lovely curls short. Even if it's casual, you can arrange it like a good woman. Let's find a way to make a good hair bundles and arrange it! Here are some tips for those who have difficulty building a sense of bondage.


Use Hair Oil

First, prepare the perm forceps and hair oil. First of all, use the curler. Put the curler on the hair to make it look more shiny. For people with curly hair, it is also recommended to use a straightener. Next, let the tip of the hair bounce out. You can do this easily by perming the end of your hair a little bit. Finally, apply hair oil in the order of "neckline → whole hair → bangs". Turn your usual hair into a lovely bundle style!


Use Gel Wax

Just use gel wax, you can create a sense of bondage! This "product" wax is similar to balm, but when you apply it to your hands, it has an oily texture and is very easy to use. Using this gel wax is easy to make a bunch, so let's grasp this opportunity. First, apply gelatinous wax to the palm of your hand and smear the wax from the center of the hair to the ends of my hair. The point is to put the hair between your fingers and apply wax while holding the bundle tightly. Finally, hold the hair bundle bit by bit with your fingertips. Just using gel wax, you can easily create a sense of bondage.


Use Spray And Shea Butter

Hair gels and shea butter are also useful in creating bunches. It's important to use both correctly.. Spray the roots of your hair to make it fluffy. Try to make room between your forehead and bangs. From the middle of the hair to the tip of the hair, separate the hair bundles and apply shea butter to each bundle. Shea Butter produces moisture and makes you feel like you've just taken a bath. Just use hair gel and shea butter correctly, you can make full use of your hairstyle! It's perfect when you want to make it sexy or likable