Apr 08 2021

How to choose the Finger Oximeter?

As we know, the finger oximeter is a reliable and easy device for home spo2 measurement. With the spo2 sensor or probe, it looks like a clip that can place on the finger, toe, or earlap for spo2 measurement. How to choose the right Finger oximeter?

The OTC spo2 measurement devices, which we can use at home, there are so many choices. They come with the spot measurement design with a smaller size, cheaper price, and easier to use. All these features make them more suitable for home daily use.

What we have to aware of when buying a finger oximeter?

1, if the oximeter is for all the family members use? Be sure it is suitable for kids

2, Check if the devices are approved by FDA and have tested with accurate measurement

3, if you buy online, you have to read the product degrade and comments

4, Most of the finger oximeter is used for spot measurement. If it is for continuous measurement, you have to consult the doctor for the medical-grade oximeter.


Most home-use oximeters have a less accurate measurement than medical-grade devices. But most of them have the proper testing for spo2 level. And the home use devices are easier to use. The accruement reading is relying on the oximeters and the measurement method. And research displays that the oximeter with one light is more accurate than those have more than one light.


Two oximeters for you

Highest rated on amazon.com - Ankovo Store Pulse Oximeter

Easy to use. It’s light, small, works with the click of a button, and has an automatic shutdown. The manufacturer claims that this pulse oximeter can measure your blood oxygen saturation level in about 8 seconds.

Multiple functions. This pulse oximeter measures oxygen saturation (SpO2), perfusion index, pulse rate, and pulse strength.

Visibility. This device has a large backlit display, so the readings are easy to see.

This OTC pulse oximeter is a generic brand, but many users approve of it. On Amazon, it has hundreds of ratings and an average of 5 stars.



More display options - Innovo Premium iP900BP Pulse Oximeter

This device has a few more display options and features than other finger pulse oximeters, including:


A waveform displays. You can see a visual representation of your heartbeat and blood flow.

Perfusion index. It is a number that shows the strength of your pulse. You can adjust the machine or placement of the probe to get the most accurate oxygen saturation reading.

Brightness adjustment. You can choose from 10 brightness levels to more easily read the display screen.

Multidirectional display. You can rotate the display in six different ways. It also helps with readability.


Ella G