Apr 14 2021

He probably followed you in the acursed desert! | RSorder.com

He probably followed you in the acursed desert! I don't care! We've lost him now, so we should probably only drain the energy out of this shrine and OSRS Gold get away as fast as possible. The Mage of Zamorak then uncovers a stone trapdoor and tries to lift it. It's too heavy! You try.

Taurus will open it effortlessly. The cutscene will finish, and you'll need to enter the Red Dragon's Island. Try to lift the stone trapdoor, and you will discover the ladder. Go down the ladder, and you'll be in a different circular chamber with an alter in the middle glowing dim gray.

Taurs and Mage of Zamorak: You perish, adventurer! This time, the Mage of Zamorak will summon seven level 76 skeletons (all they will drop is bones). It is a multi-combat zone, so that they can attack you at once,every hitting a max of 13 HP each time. Defeat all of them, and then the mage of Zamorak will throw a trap spell on youpersonally, and Taurus will use his maul to hit you after, hitting 30 (you need to remain above 30HP once all the skeletons are dead). You may once again get a message out of Azzanadra: Now chase them adventurer! However, the shrine will no more shine light gray.

Continue on to the next shrine. Shrine of Sacrifice: After you complete browse the Shrine of Sacrifice scroll, you will say that:'I believe I need to travel to Kharyll and Old School RS Gold locate it east of there.' Now visit Kharyll (Canifis) and traveling east, to the haunted forests. There will be a cave entrance in the center of the area.