May 04 2021

Redmonke suggested the ability should have a skillcape | RSorde

Or you could slip below deck and scale through a cannon space with a rope - 70 Agility. If you do board the enemies ship, you can perish. Now you can also Melee different players on OSRS Gold the enemy ship. Should you kill all players around the enimies boat - NPC's can not be assaulted - You can take their team and induce them to work for you - they have to walk the plank... MUAHAHAHAHA - and can take control of their ship, and sell it or keep it for yourself. There is a forfeith button on the stern of each ship, where that boat and crew are attracted into the mainland with all their items and the ship. The loot will be provides on the ship and matters the players drop when the expire.

Redmonke suggested the ability should have a skillcape. Well I had been thinking it ought to have a picture of a ship on the cape, with a sailor in the backround. The emote would be: You hope on a mini-ship and then start sailing on the property. Just an idea but it would be pretty funny. Girfaniam suggested Fishing Boats. I'm now adding onto his proposal.

At level 20 you will have the ability to earn a fishing boat. This ship will be a little wooden row boat. Since your level gets higher the fishing boat will have the ability to get larger. Also on your boat you would have the ability to go to the port side and PORT SIDE ONLY (Unless you have weapon implacments there) You will be able to fly fish or use a regular fishing rod. This adventure will go to fishing. Or you may just stop by the nearest port.In addition to this, the lower your magic level is that the lower the amount of runes (100, etc.) you are able to store. For instance, that same somebody (with 30 magical ) cannot carry an infinite amount of runes, no matter what kind they are. I will now post a principle for what this approach is intended to look like; those are just examples, and I'll make it to the Quality Assurance team to sort out the particulars.

And so on and so on, eventually including all the runes and adding new incentive to raise your magic level. At one stage high level wizards can save every type of rune and Buy RS Gold take an infinite amount of each. Preferably 99, though perhaps 95-96, etc.. Of course, if Jagex deems it sensible, there might be no levels required for pouch usage. Maybe only kinds of runes, also out of level 1 onward you can take an infinite amount of said types.