Apr 26 2021

How to Take Care of Human Hair Curly Lace Wigs

When you first get your lace wigs, the first thing you want to do is wear them. You care about the application, but you still need to think about the hair upkeep. So this would be a complete procedure for hydrating the wigs. The first thing to do before adding lace wigs is a complete deep conditioning regimen. This routine may be performed on smooth, wavy, curly, or other silky texture hair to leave it moist and hydrated.

- The Lace Front Has Been Bleached -
When you first get a new wig, we strongly advise you to deep condition it before wearing it. Even, before hydrating the deep wave wig, bleach the lace net. So, for bleaching, combine 20 developers with some bleach powder. After the bleaching process is completed, it is time to hydrate. There are many variations of conditioner on the market that can be used for any kind of wet conditioner and hair extension treatments. And note, you don't want to wash your wigs right out of the box; instead, you want to deep condition them.

- Apply Conditioner -
First, make a creamy combination of the hair conditioner and hair extension therapies, and then blend the two to hydrate the wig. Make sure your wig is damp before adding this conditioner, and then spread the conditioner all over the hair, beginning at the roots and working your way down. Apply the conditioner to the wig's knots as well, such that if you have a leash, the knots in that place will receive some moisture as well. Pay special attention to parts of the wig that you suspect you can sweat the most, such as the nape. Sweat is really drying, and the sweat will cause the nape areas to pile up at times. As a result, make sure to saturate the whole wig with conditioner. And, using a hand, brush over. Since the wig is new, you can find a little more drying the first time you comb or brush through it. That's what occurs much of the time if it's never been worn.

- The Deep Therapy -
It's now time to deep condition the wig. You'll need a heating pouch or a thermal pouch for this. Allow it to stay in for around 15 to 20 minutes to heat the wig. Then, if you don't have anything like a heating pouch, you should de-condition your wig overnight. Take the wig and place it in a plastic bag before placing it inside the thermal pouch. The thermal pouch will heat the wig and enable the conditioner to hydrate and moisturize the hair thoroughly. Allow it to rest for 30 minutes. When applying the conditioner, it is recommended to leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes if you are not using heat, because this is what you can use as a cure rather than just a normal rinse-out conditioner.

- Drying by Air -
We may not advocate low drying the bobo wigs; instead, air dry the wig. You should find a foam head, place your wig on it, and let it air dry. And apply leave-in conditioner ingredients to the curls, making sure to cover every inch with curls. After wiping off the conditioner, add a mild hair mist serum. Simply spray the hair down such that the oil spray hides the moisture. Using silk infusion if you're making a straight hair wig.

- Following Treatment -
The final step is to scrunch up the twists, suck out the excess water, and let your wig air dry overnight if necessary. And this would aid in the retention of moisture in your wig. It's going to be nice and moist. Once the hydrating procedure is complete, the next time you wash your wig, you should use shampoo to break up any product build-up and then deep condition the hair all over again. When you wash your hair with shampoo, make sure you cover it up with a rich conditioner.