Apr 10 2020

Madden NFL 20 Coins Collection Series

Buy MUT 20 Coins program has reached its endpoint as the players are now available in the game. the three golden ticket players are michael vick(qb), troy polamalu (mlb) and kelvin benjamin (wr). ea sports first announced the golden ticket program back in march. essentially players would participate in limited time ultimate challenges that lasted for one hour each. each day, the developers gave out five golden ticket collectibles on xbox one and five on ps4 for a total of 20 golden tickets.

whoever received the golden ticket collectibles were able to create their own golden ticket players, which is what launched thursday. the initial launch of golden ticket players included michael vick, troy polamalu and kelvin benjamin. all three players are 99 overall with incredible stats. the vick golden ticket will probably be the most popular of the three cards, although all will be valuable. vick holds a special place in the hearts of madden players and his stats will make him one of the best quarterbacks in mut. his 96 speed and 99 throw power alone make him a ridiculous option at qb.

you can add on seven different x-factors as well as three separate abilities. you can view a full breakdown of this card on masthead.although troy polamalu was best known as a safety in his nfl career, this golden ticket card places him at middle linebacker. his stats as a middle linebacker make him almost an unfair player in mut competition. polamalu features 95 speed, 97 acceleration and 95 agility. his run defense will be phenomenal with 90 block shed, 99 pursuit, 96 tackle and 97 hit power.

with the way madden works Madden NFL 20 Coins, you can move polamalu to an outside linebacker position where he could be a lethal pass rusher as well. vick may get most of the attention, but polamalu's golden ticket card makes him a hot item. kelvin benjamin seems like an odd choice for a golden ticket card. especially since his card art is of him on the chiefs where he finished with two catches for 26 yards. even though it's an odd choice, he's a great receiving threat with 95+ abilities in almost every receiving category.