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There is no such platform developed for this target group.
The app that you were waiting for. Place where you can connect with all Sommeliers, educate yourself more about wine and sharing your experience too!

Library section is properly updated by our team and let you define a great route for your wine & cheese experience. By opening and downloading libraries our education will be higher.


Learning like never before!
Be the person in the room that know everything about wine! Our Pairing module lets you see a list of cheese with all compatible wines!

Already having to share something? GoSommeliers will open a new section where every Sommelier, Wine Maker or Cheese Producer will able to write pairing on their wines.

Coming Soon!

For all of you that just love to download apps... we haven't forgotten about you.
Our engineers are just a tad too busy building beautiful solutions over at GoSommeliers.
Check back soon...