May 25 2019

The king of the wines

Rioja is a Qualified designation of origin which stands for the wines that are produced in a concrete area. This area includs within others La Rioja y Pais Vasco, the most popular ones. However you can also find Rioja wines that has been produced in Castilla Leon and Navarra. This wine is also one of the most valued wines in Spain due to its great caracteristics as freshness,balanced composition and great arome. This wine is great to take it with either cheese or meat. There are two tipes of this Rioja wine: With the red variety is great with cheese and meat and the white one with fish. Within the white tipe we find different varieties as tempranillo,garnacha tinta and gracione. On the other hand under the white tipe you can find viura,malvasìa and white garnacha