May 25 2019

Wine of Portugal - Vinho verde

Since Vinho Verde is produced from carefully selected blends of grape varieties, and varietal Vinho Verde is produced from one variety, the offerings of the region are diverse. Joining the still wines are the great spirits and sparkling wines of Vinho Verde. White Vinho Verde wines are citrus or straw-colored with rich, fruity and floral aromas, depending on the grapes that are used. They have a balanced palate, and are intense and very refreshing. Rosé Vinho Verde wines are light or dark pink, with young and fresh aromas, reminiscent of red fruits. The flavors are balanced, fresh and lingering. Red Vinho Verde wines are an intense red color, sometimes with a pink or bright red foam, and with a vinous aroma, especially of berries. In the mouth it is fresh and intense, and a very good food wine. Sparkling Vinho Verde shares the typical Vinho Verde profile, with enhanced aromatic freshness and a greater complexity of flavors. The consumer's preference dictates the choice between Brut Natural and Sweet, depending on the concentration of residual sugar, or between Reserve and Grand Reserve, determined by the time in the bottle. Bagaceira Brandy of Vinho Verde, made from marc or pomace, shows a very pronounced flavor and taste, originating from the essential oils in the skins and seeds of the grapes, which are more evident with a greater amount of aromatic elements. Bagaceira Brandies, which are not aged in casks, are the most traditional of the region. Without much coloring, its main distinction is found in the intense and expressive aromas, sometimes reminiscent of candied fruit. Old Bagaceira Brandy spends on average at least one year of aging in cask and Very Old Bagaceira Brandy spends at least two years. Their colors range from yellow to topaz, with intense aromas and flavors and hints of wood.