Jun 11 2021

How To Dye Wigs

Wigs and hair bundles are the eyeless accessories that many women increase their confidence. The store offers models of colors and hairstyles so that every customer can find something that suits them. We can use the wigs that are properly stored for several years, but what if the hair style is no longer satisfactory? We can consider buying a new wig or dyeing an old one. How do you do it? Do you have a wig that suits this one? We have explained everything!

How to dye natural wigs?

Natural wigs are the only ones of all types that can be discolored. It's made entirely of natural hair, just like our own, and easy to dye. When deciding to change the color, it is safe to choose a color that is darker than the base color. Red wigs can be dyed in warm chestnut, golden ones in Dark Beige - there are many options. It is worth using some special coatings provided by wigs, which provides the best opportunity for satisfactory final effect. We strongly recommend not to dye hair in a lighter color than the base color. In order to make hair bright effectively, it must undergo decolorization, which uses corrosive chemicals. Performing such procedures at home can cause the strand of wigs to be destroyed or even burned. If we want a white hair. 


You can change the color of your wig yourself, but we recommend that you use the services of experienced experts who know how to dye hair to achieve the best results when the damage to the hair structure is minimal. More and more hairdressers in the wig market deal with wigs every day at work and know how to deal with them. If you don't have a salon in your city, it's worth asking if there is a salon that will take on such a task - after all, it's natural hair.


Can synthetic wigs be dyed?

No Synthetic wigs are made of synthetic fibers that mimic natural hair. These types of wigs are not suitable for staining. Synthetic materials used to give or change colors require specialized chemicals, and such processes are not possible at home or even in hair salons. Trying to dye your hair and synthesizing wigs may eventually only destroy the hair structure and completely destroy it. Every wig shop offers a wide range of synthetic hair wigs, with different colors, and everyone will find the right color for themselves. In the hairly category, you will find the most fashionable color of the women's wigs. Blonde wig? Black wig? Red wig? Or maybe it's pink or gray? You have a lot of choices!


How about mixed wigs?

Mixed wigs, as well as 180% Full Lace Wigs, are not suitable for dyeing. Women's mixed wigs are made of natural and synthetic hair in a one to one ratio. Because they contain strands made of non-natural materials, dyes only penetrate part of the hair, resulting in uneven mixing colors.


Pigmented female wig

When dyeing wigs, the same rules apply to those when they are dyed. Natural hair clusters are sensitive to dyes and can change colors. When deciding to do so, remember that your courage should match your own hair color. Before dyeing, it's best to consider the final result you want to achieve. For several seasons, the combination of gradient hair and dark regeneration with light bottom has been very popular. If so far our cheeks are like our natural hair, we can darken it to achieve this effect. It is important that both colors remain in the same color range. The combination of chocolate brown and dark Warm gold or platinum gold with cool mouse Brown looks interesting. When dyeing, pay attention not to dirty the bottom of wig or wig cap. The pigment will be absorbed by the mesh quickly and cannot be cleaned,


Post dyeing care

Dyeing is the process of dye depth interfering with hair structure. After such treatment, the strand may be dry and curly. It is worth nursing hair regeneration by providing extra nutrients to the hair in a rich form of care. The products offered by the wig shop include professional products that moisturize and smooth hair, but regular drugstore shampoo and conditioner can also be used for dry and damaged hair. After finishing the dyeing, it is better not to use heat setting within a few weeks, so that sensitive hair has time to regenerate.


Pigmented wig dyeing - Summary

Coloring wigs and natural wigs is an interesting way to refresh your hair and give it new personality. It is worth focusing on color matching or changing several colors to make the final result satisfactory, but without permanent damage to the hair structure. It's not worth reducing wigs, because it's an overly radical process, and even by experienced hairdressers, there is little chance of success. People who like to try to look should be interested in synthetic wigs. Because of the variety of products and affordable prices, you can choose a variety of models to match your every shape.