Jun 10 2021

Newport 100s Wholesale Cigarettes identification

China and taiwan Cheap Cigarettes Sale Huaquin limited branch legitimate and untrue discrimination 2021, China Huaquin limited branch i . d . methods in no time

Joaquin joaquin limited discern the truth and untrue, 2021, in other words is the primary short in tobacco smoke cigarettes, many men and women are very in this way short smoking cigarettes, this style of short connected with cigarettes overflowing the Far east cigarette merchandise specifications, is an amazing product from the Chinese cigarette smoking let's create a fancy to help joaquin combined with short check out Newport 100s Wholesale Cigarettes identification procedure.

A pack of anti-counterfeiting details

"Zhonghua" (Jin limited branch) solution strip pack packaging retreats into the start plate start mode, rob box see-through paper retreats into the two times pull practice. Trademark producing using bronzing, concave in addition to convex technological know-how, the formation of any leather-like think. The side on the box receives electronic train change anti-counterfeiting shell: the Marlboro Cigarettes Online white section of the anti-counterfeiting discovery point privately of this box presents itself blue soon after scraping, and this blue coloration fades after time.

Two, modest box safety measures point

"Zhonghua" (Jin limited branch) solution small pack using tender box hard packaging style, cigarette technical specs for 75mm(long)*24. 5mm(circumference). Modest box area English text letters "CHUNGHWA" applying fluorescent coloration anti-counterfeiting printer ink; Under ultraviolet light-weight, the light CHUNGHWA converts a purplish reddish colored, which fades before long.