Jul 22 2021

Here is where the road splits.

What to bring. Lots of OSRS Items food, possibly some Saradomin Brews and Super Restore Potions. A piece of elemental is suggested when you are planning to visit Wyverns. Whatever you choose, you'll need an Antidragon Shield and some Antifire Potions. You'll need the strongest range armor or weapon, or strong melee armor. Also, make sure to have your protection from the magical prayers.

Navigation. Follow the north path until you reach a room with Adamant dragons. Now you will be able to see my quest suggestion. The Adamant Dragons are currently at level at 186. If you continue to the east, you'll find a room that has two additional Adamant Dragons, these at level 398. These are the most advanced versions, and are far more dangerous.

Here is where the road splits. South you will see some Wyverns. They're not the skeletal type however, they are regular Wyverns. They are able to withstand any magic, with the exception of Ice spells that they are not strong against. There is a safespot here as well as a large number of Wyverns in a multicombat area which makes it a great location to practice with Ice Burst/Barrage.

Or you can head North toward the Adamant Dragons in the hope of catching one Brutal Blue Dragon. It is possible to avoid him and proceed until the end. Two things you'll find the Adamant Door that isn't opening and a 500-level Rorgon who is a Dragonkin.

Fighting Rorgon. There are three ways I can think of to defeat Rorgon. Remember that you might be able to bring your clan together. One is a ranging and second is melee tanks. The last is to buy OSRS Fire Cape get a tank come along with you, get Rorgon onto them, then join in the battle using the method you prefer.