May 16 2019

Cheese Classification

There is no universal cheese identification system. Every cheese produced in a country has its own system of used rules such as: semi-hard, semi-cooked, fresh unwashed, matured or sprinkled-pickled.
We will use a gastronomic simple system to identify cheese types based on the thickness of the cheese crust and its texture. The amount of moisture or whey remaining in the cheese determines not only the texture of the interior or paste as it is commonly referred to, but also the type of crust and the shape of the cheese. According to gastronomic norms, seven different types of cheese are identified: Fresh cheese, Old cheese, Soft white cheese, Semi-soft cheese, Hard cheese, Blue cheese and Aromatic cheese.
By using this system with only one glance and a mild pressure on the cheese with fingers can be characterized by 99% of the cheeses we meet, either from the French market, New York or anywhere in the world. With little experience, the basic character of cheese, the power of taste, how it will behave in the process of heat treatment, even its maturity and quality, can be evaluated.