May 16 2019

Portugal - wine and how to drink

This country is a real paradise not only for those who want to travel and see good architecture, but also for hedonists who enjoy both good food and divine wine.

Portugal is a country of specific grape and grape culture. For this, it contributes not only to the wine-making tradition, but also to its geographical location in the Mediterranean, as well as its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

There are many regions in which wine is produced in this country, and for its placement on the world market, labor and traditional experience are responsible.

The most famous areas are: Algarve, Alentejo, Beiras, Douro and Porto where you can try different types with striking flavors.



Porto and Madera are probably the most famous winemaking products from Portugal, and these two sorts of "fortified" wines became synonymous with the country itself.


In this interesting and diverse country, a variety of local varieties are produced, such as:
- tourist tours
- francaise tours
- bugs tint Negra
- Tint Roaring, Malaise Finna, Malawi Dora, Alpharosso and others.

Duoro is an area in the northern part of Portugal, where the famous porpo comes from, but also other aromatic red and white wines. Sogrape is the largest and certainly one of the best companies for producing and selling wine from this region, and not just in Portugal.
Their most famous product is Mateus Rose, one of the best-selling wines in the world.



Types of wines

  • strongly dry red
  • lightly dry red
  • strongly dry white
  • lightly dry white
  • strongly dry rose
  • sweet white
  • sweet red
  • sparkling white
  • sparkling pink

Wine tourism is very fashionable in Portugal.

It's not just about knowing the vine and tasting blame, because innovative tourist complexes appear around vineyards where you can learn and enjoy the use of all five senses. Wineries, restaurants, wine bars, wine roads and modern wine baths with beauty-based treatments are just some of the temptations you can encounter on wine roads. Vineyards cover the slopes and the plains from Minho to Faro. Getting acquainted with Portugal through its wines is a pleasant and different kind of contact with the country's culture.