Sep 15 2021

High-quality wigs are almost universally used these days

It is well known that a good hairstyle can make a significant difference in one's appearance.   For this reason, high-quality wigs are almost universally used these days by people who want to experiment with different hairstyles without committing to permanent changes to their natural hair.   Because of a variety of factors, but primarily because they are practical and manageable, lace front wigs have gained popularity in the fashion industry in recent years.   The lace allows you to more easily blend the freetress water wave to match your skin tone, resulting in a more realistic appearance as a result.   If you ask A-list celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Beyoncé, they will tell you that lace front wigs are their best friend.   When it comes to getting a realistic and casual look, lace front wigs are the best option.   However, we must discuss which type of lace front wig is best for your face shape because different facial structures necessitate a haircut that is complementary to the structure of the face.   You cannot change your face shape, but changing your hairstyle is always an option, especially when you have an affordable collection of lace front wigs on hand.  

A square face shape has more defined edges around the temples and jawline than a round or oval face shape.  
With this face shape, the face appears more compact and draws the viewer's attention evenly across the entire surface.   Consider the fact that the wide hairline and jawline of a square face shape must be balanced out with the help of hair when selecting a wig for that face shape.   In addition, square face shapes benefit from lace front wigs with curtain bangs and longer side layers to frame the face.   Avoid having dead straight hair because it will make your head appear flat rather than adding volume to the appropriate areas of your hair.   An excellent example of a style that flatters a square face shape is the Aplus Ozone Synthetic Lace Front Wig 013.  

Those with a rounder face shape have softer facial features that are more rounded on the edges, as opposed to those with a square face shape.  
It appears that the face is quite full because of its round shape, which emphasizes the center of the face.   Wigs for people with rounder faces are fairly easy to come by these days.  .  Consider styles that come closer to your face while still maintaining volume at the top, whether you're wearing a natural hair wig or a synthetic hair wig:If you can, avoid wearing anything that draws attention away from your face because it may make your face appear larger than it actually is! To balance out the features of a round face shape, choose wig styles such as the Soultress Synthetic Full Wig Cece.  

Oblong Face Shape: The oblong, or long face shape is similar to the rectangular face shape, but with softer, yet wider edges around the temples and jawline.  
Their brows, cheeks, and jawline are perfectly aligned, and they have a youthful appearance.   Choose wigs with lots of volume and outward layers in order to balance out the length with the width of oblong face shapes.  .  Using this technique, you can give the appearance of having more width in your face.   It would also be beneficial to have a prominent fringe to shorten the overall length of your face.   Maintain a natural look by avoiding middle parts and straight hair, which can cause your hair to appear even longer.   When it comes to having a perfectly balanced face shape, lace front wigs such as the Beshe Human Hair Blend Lace Front Wig HHBSL NIA are the best option.  

Fourth, a diamond face shape is defined by being slimmer on the top and bottom and wider around the cheekbones.  
The forehead is typically small in this face shape, and the center of the face receives the majority of the viewer's interest.   Make use of your water wave hair to add volume to the crown and around the chin area in order to bring the entire look together and make it more balanced.   When it comes to this face shape, any hairpiece that ends above the cheekbones is a no-no! Think about Aplus Ozone Lace Wig 004 for your next headpiece.  

Heart Face Shape: The heart face shape is characterized by a broad forehead, a recessed hairline, and a narrow lower jaw.  
If this face shape is not properly styled, it will draw unwanted attention to the forehead.   Adding more volume to the jawline and staying away from hairstyles that fall away from your face, particularly on your forehead, will help you maintain a more balanced appearance with a heart-shaped face.   Bangs are also an option if you want to keep it fresh and fun! For those with heart-shaped faces, the Soultress Lace Front Wig Kenya is the perfect hairpiece.